Thursday, 4 June 2015

My next stop..

However big or small organising an event requires complicated level of planning, particularly when the unexpected occurs. Even the simplest tasks can be tricky, from planning meeting rooms, ordering food and to sorting out parking space. Fundraising for different charities has taught me that, memorable events don’t just happen. Holding an event takes planning, I will never forget the long meetings with my volunteers in random Coffee shops. To be Honest, I need my own office to work on my projects and schedule my meetings. (Soon Insha allah) 

After the Placement with Restless development I have decided to oraganise an even to complete 'Action at home'. I have to take part in at least one project that benefits our local community or seeks to bring about positive social change. Action at Home is an essential part of International citizen Service and every volunteer must complete at least one project within six months of returning home. My Action at home was the 'Empowered Young Women' Event. There are complex global issues and challenges facing our world today. Taking part in the ICS enabled me to use my knowledge and experience to consider my own perspectives about the world. I always wanted to make a difference in my community and I am passionate about women's rights issues and promoting gender equality. 

Planning Empowered Young Women Event has given me the confidence to get involved with leading charities around the world campaigning for women's rights and gender equality.The event was widely publicised by many websites, including 'Elmimag', 'Hiiraan Online' and 'Sccope'. All these Websites aim to provide a creative outlet for individuals eager to showcase their talents in areas including creative writing, 
poetry, blogging, photography and fashion. The journey also gave me the opportunity to connect with young Somali women in the UK; start my own network and tackle gender issues in my community. In the future, I would love to host more events around the world. Ladan will always find excuses to travel around the world and meet interesting people.

The first Empowered Young Somali Women event was hosted in Brunel University in London and we would love to host our second gathering at a University in Birmingham. The aim is to equip and empower young people through education and learning. It will also encourage young girls to be more active in their communities and will offer a networking opportunities- a chance for attendee's to connect and liaise with other influential women  

The event date is set for 13th of June from 1pm to 5pm. Approximately 15 girls will be in a attendance. If you are from Birmingham city, we would love you to join us and celebrate this rare free young women empowered gathering...... Follow me on Twitter for more details about this network @ladantakow

(Empowered young women...Birmingham City/England, Date: 13.06.2015) 

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