Monday, 15 June 2015

Birmingham Afternoon Tea

(Afternoon Tea, Birmingham City/England, 13.06.2015)
After hosting my first afternoon tea gathering in London/UK, I have received endless requests from young Somali girls in other cities and around the world. The aim of my events and gatherings is to equip young people through education and learning. Also, encourage girls to be more active in our community and offer invaluable networking opportunities - a chance for attendee's to connect and liaise with other influential young people. 

The most exciting request I received so far is from Mogadishu/Somalia, one girl who is currently living in Mogadishu tweeted me and personally invited me to host 'Empowered Young Women' event in Somalia. One of the easiest ways to empower women around you is to be a role model to them. 

Empowered Young Women Afternoon Tea in Birmingham City/England.  

Before visiting Birmingham city, I came across Adrain Jones Report, The unexpected community. He states that, "Somalis in Birmingham represent a newly emergent community, which has grown dramatically in size over the past 5-6 years, with many members of the community not having come directly to Birmingham as refugees but via other European countries as European Union citizens. There is no accurate data regarding the size of the city’s Somali population, although community estimates indicate a population of some 40,000." 

I was delighted to host Empowered Young Women afternoon tea in Birmingham city to find out more about Adrian Jones report and also meet young people to hear their stories. After receiving help from the lovely Sagal abdi who is also International Citizen Service returned volunteer, we have decided to host the gathering at "Six Eight Kafe" around 12pm on saturday the 13th of June 2015
Six Eight Kafe is Independent coffee shop, voted one of the top 50 coffee shops in the UK by the Independent. (Oh I just love Independent Coffee shops. Join the fight against tax dodging, Corporate Tax dodging is unfair. David Cameroon lets off corporations tax dodging estimated £150 billion while concentrating on benefit fraud which is massive 0.7%  Oh Dear) I need to stop talking about David Cameroon and Tax dodging. Off -Topic ladan :/

On Saturday the 13th of June 2015 Young Somali women from London and Coventry made their way to Birmingham city to empower each other. Approximately 30 hard working, educated young women came to the gathering. The lovely Sagal Abdi shared her ICS journey and future plans with the girls. Munira Hussein also talked about mental health issues in the Somali community. We used Social Media such as Twitter and Instagram to share the day with the world. The girls loved the gathering, we discussed important issues, laughed and even shared tears.

If you are not on a mission to empower the women of the world, you should still be kind. It will show that, you respect all women and appriaciate them. Not Only are you settinga good example, you are showing the world that women can be power house but still sweetheart at the same time.

Check out the conversation on Twitter and Instagram  

"I feel honoured to speak at the Empowered Somali Women Event in Birmingham city discussing the issue 'mental health' with the girls.A huge thanks to Ladan Takow and Sagal Abdi for putting together an inspiring event" Munira 

"It was great to attend such an inspiring gathering of beautiful sisters and listen to the amazing stories. I hope other cities experience this gathering too" Kawsar

"I have met so many beautiful young girls Masha allah, loved it. Many more of these gathering to come" Amal Huessien.    

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